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" A Revolutionary New Hydraulic Hose Crimper For Do-it-Yourself On-the-Spot Equipment Repairs!"


When your equipment blows a hose, how much time is wasted getting a new hose? 1 hour? 2 hours? More?

What if your working at night or on the weekend when nothing is open?

How much money are you losing every hour? $50? $100? $500?

Downtime from a blown or leaking hose can shut your equipment down, hold up your operation, and cost you hundreds of dollars.

The speed at which a failed hose can be repaired or replaced directly affects your efficiency and bottom line!

Now there is a way to repair or replace your own hoses in less than 15 minutes and virtually eliminate all of your costly downtime due to hydraulic hose failures.

For the cost of a few hydraulic hoses you can repair or replace your old hoses on the job site with:

Do-it-Yourself - On-the-Spot
EZ~Crimp Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit

Check out the video below to see how it works.

VERSATILE - The EZ~Crimper repairs 1/4"-3/4" hydraulic hose in the shop, on the farm, or on the job site. The EZ~Crimper is compatible with most SAE/DIN spec hydraulic hose and compression style, long-shell, crimp fittings, e.g., Weatherhead "U" series, Aeroquip "FJ" series, Dayco "SA/SB" series, Dayco-Eastman "HY" series, Parker "HY" series, and similar brands.

With the EZ~Crimper, you can repair or replace 80% of the hydraulic hoses in use today.

TIMELY - The tool's small size allows it to be used right on the spot, in places no other hose crimper could possibly be used.

No wasted effort removing the entire hose assembly and the obstructions that cost hours in lost time.

If you're in a remote area or the hose failure stops your equipment dead in its tracks...no problem. The EZ~Crimper is totally hand-operated...no power source needed!

SAVE MONEY - Save money on custom fabrication. Allow more hoses to be repaired rather than replaced.

Save even more money with our special hydraulic hose mender couplings. Use the mender couplings to permanently splice together your failed hose assemblies without replacing the original hose or end fittings. For the cost of one mender coupling, you can fix the hose yourself and save!

The occasional failure of your hydraulic hoses is costing you a bundle in downtime and low productivity. But that's not all, you also have the high cost of replacing those old leaking hose assemblies...unless you make your own!

Now you can avoid the high replacement costs by fabricating your own hydraulic hose assemblies at OEM prices!

When we ship your kit we will include our wholesale price list for EZ~Crimp bulk hose and fittings, and you'll soon be making your own factory-quality hydraulic hose assemblies for half of hose shop prices!

The EZ~Crimper saves downtime, saves gas, and saves trips to the hose shop. No more mad dashes to the hose shop before closing time...no more waiting until the next day or worse yet...Monday morning!

As far as price is concerned...it's a fraction of the cost of other hose crimpers with the same capacity. And there are no dies, rings, plates, pushers, spacers etc. to buy, break or lose!

The EZ~Crimper is fast, portable, lightweight, economical and MADE IN THE USA!

With the EZ~Crimper you can make your own hoses and keep your machinery running after hours and on the weekends.

HOW THE EZ~CRIMER WORKS - EZ~Tech's patented EZ~Crimper is a unique, coupling connecting system that mechanically attaches a hydraulic hose fitting to a hose by radial crimping.

Unlike expensive crimpers that require an assortment of dies, collets, rings, plates and pushers to crimp the fitting to the hose, the patented EZ~Crimper's symmetrical rotating motion crimps the hose end in minutes...NO DIES OR ADDITIONAL TOOLING NEEDED!

The EZ~Crimper utilizes four, precision, high-quality steel bearings to permanently crimp the fitting to the hose. It works by crimping the metal fitting onto a hose radially, 360 degrees around the circumference, resulting in a leak resistant connection that is structurally sound. The bearings produce a smooth, uniform coupling surface without the raised edges or ridges found in other crimping methods...so say goodbye to those annoying, costly and untimely "cracked ferrules".

EASY TO USE - No additional dies or tooling required to crimp the different size hose fittings.

Based on the size of the fitting, simply place the removable push-pin in the top or bottom hole of the EZ~Crimper, position the crimper around the fitting, tighten the T-handle and your ready to crimp!

By the way, you don't need to be an experienced hydraulic hose technician or master hose builder to fix your old hydraulic hoses. With the EZ~Crimper it's easy to achieve a perfect, leak-free crimp every time!

Just watch the video below for a step-by-step demonstration on how to use your EZ~Crimp Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit.

NO RISK GUARANTEE! EZ~Tech takes pride in providing our customers with products that meet the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry. We stand behind our products 100%.

The EZ~Crimper is MADE IN THE USA from nickel-plated, industrial grade, American made steel for superior corrosion resistance and durability.

If you are not completely satisfied with your new kit, just send it back within 7 days of purchase. If the kit is in its original condition we will gladly refund the purchase price...no questions asked!

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